Virus hits kids hard this year

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A local pediatrician says he’s spent more time than normal this year treating a virus in babies and young children. It’s called hand, foot, and mouth disease, because it typically causes a rash and blisters on those parts of the body.
The virus usually starts with a fever, a sore throat, and a general sick feeling. The illness goes away in a week or two,  but some children end up in the hospital when blisters make it too painful for them to eat and drink.
Dr. Craig Collison, Mt. Nittany Physician Group  says, “The strain that was circulating this year was different than what we normally see,  and so it really hit hard and hit large proportions,  so daycares once we got into school, even the younger age school kids had a lot of trouble with this. “
The pediatrician says there’s no real treatment for hand, foot, and mouth disease, other than helping children cope with the symptoms. Kids need to stay home when they have  it, because it’s easily spread.
According to Dr. Collison, hand, foot, and mouth disease usually comes around in late summer and lasts into fall.

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