Victim’s family reacts to guilty plea


More than a year and a half after the murder of 21-year-old Stephanie Waters her family says they are getting justice.

Sally Harr, Stephanie Waters mother told us she’s ready for sentencing so they can finally have closure.

Benjamin Button, Stephanie’s father, told us he is reminded everyday that his daughter is not with him anymore.

“My niece had a baby the other day and my sister posted on there ‘my grandchild’, and I thought that could be me, ” he said. “That should be me and it should be Sally, but he took that away. They took that away from us.”

De’auntay Moye plead guilty to First Degree Murder in court Tuesday morning. He said he shot Waters twice and shot and killed her dog. He also plead guilty to smoking pot in her car as she died in the back seat, and to leaving the car and body behind in January 2015.

Bill Higgins, the Bedford County District Attorney, told us, “I think he accepted the reality that he was gonna be convicted.”

His accomplice Ryan Hardwick, pleaded guilty to murder back in May.

“I pray that he has the nightmares that we have,” said Sally Harr. “The anxiety that we have. I can’t watch fireworks because it makes me think of a gun going off and what she must have went through.”

Moye is facing multiple charges that could add to the minimum 35 years to life sentence he will get for first degree murder, but for Stephanie’s mother that isn’t enough.

Bedford County District Attorney Bill Higgins says they’re recommending life without parole.

He said, “both are horrific, horrible people and they belong in jail for the better part of their lives.”

Moye and co-defendant Ryan Hardwick were 16 and 15, respectively, when they killed Waters. Hardwick will be sentenced October 12th. Moye, December 2nd.

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