Vendor selling President Trump flag at “Community Market” in Mount Union sparks debate


The Mount Union Borough Council says they received multiple complaints from people offended by a vendor selling President Trump memorabilia at their community market.

They want those vendor to stop selling the merchandise.

Every Friday afternoon local fruits, vegetables and crafts are sold at the “Community Market” in Mount Union. Last Friday though was different.

Last week a vendor at the Mount Union “Community Market” put out a President Trump flag and a Confederate flag at their booth for sale.

That’s according to the Mount Union Borough Council.

Patrick Walker, a local resident in the Huntingdon County town, says that vendor was just exercising their constitutional right, freedom of speech.

“In this small town it’s normally nothing but love, but I couldn’t see why you would come after a vendor at a community market for reason,” Patrick Walker from Mount Union, said.

Sue Zinobile, Borough Manager, says the complaints caught her off guard.

“Most of the complaints I heard was about the Trump flag and not the Confederate flag and I found that really rather shocking,'” Sue Zinobile, said.

As for what can be done going forward?

“I’m not certain that that is something that Mount Union Council can really do is restrict that,” Sue Zinoble, Manager for Mount Union Borough, said. “It’s some that we will definitely discourage.”

She says the council takes pride in promoting diversity and inclusion and has worked hard on educating their employees and elected officials on the richness of diversity and inclusion.

Walker says if people want items like a President Trump flag and confederate flag not sold at the “Community Market”, than you have to keep it fair.

“It’s a two way street, if you are going to shut down one vendor, make it so that no political stuff is there,” Walker, said.

Zinobile says in order to sell at the market, vendors must submit paper work to the Borough and be approved. She says she’s not sure if this vendor took those steps, as she had not seen this person before.

Zinobile says she will look into if the vendor took the proper steps to sell at the “Community Market”, and if they didn’t, she’ll make sure they do before selling there again.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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