(WTAJ) — With the coronavirus spreading rapidly, the CDC is now expected to update masking guidelines, recommending people start wearing a higher quality one, like a N95 or KN95.

We caught up with a doctor from Geisinger Health System who helped us break down which masks are most effective in preventing the spread.

“We know masks like a N95, which are medical grade masks, are made to specifically filter out more than 95% of any kind of particulate matter in the air,” Dr. Clayton Cooper, from Geisinger Health System, said. “As well as newer masks like a KN95, which have a little bit of a different structure, but filter about 95% of things out of the air.”

If more people wear a N95 or KN95, Dr. Cooper said there’s no doubt it will help, but also wants people to know just about anything is better than nothing.

“The cloth masks still do offer some protection,” Dr. Cooper explained. “We know they are not the same as wearing a medical grade N95 mask, but they are much better than nothing. I think the most important thing though is that it is fitting correctly.”

This means the mask must fit tightly and cover both your nose and your mouth. Also, those bandanas and neck gaiters have to go.

“Those have actually been shown in studies to be less effective than wearing nothing at all believe it or not,” Dr. Cooper said. “Partly because they are very thin and partly because they kind of create a pocket of air that isn’t really filtered behind you that can actually make viral particles hang around longer.”

Dr. Cooper said wearing a mask in one of the best ways to prevent the spread, not only from getting the coronavirus ourselves, but from passing it to others.

“I think the biggest thing is just the more of us that jump on the train of wearing masks, wearing them correctly and wearing them more consistently, the less of the virus that will be spread throughout our communities,” Dr. Cooper said.

You also want to pay extra attention to where you’re buying a N95 or KN95 because a lot of fake ones are circulating. Dr. Cooper said to just make sure you’re getting them from somewhere that is verified.

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