UPDATE: Only drinking beer for Lent


CINCINNATI, Ohio. (CBS) — It was the fast that seemed crazy if not impossible.

“I am nervous, I’m very nervous about it. I’ve only fasted for 4 days,” Dell Hall said

Hall vowed to live off beer, forgoing solid food, for 46 days during Lent. 

He is proving all the naysayers wrong by completing the all beer diet. 

“I didn’t die, I’m actually healthier than when I started and it’s actually possible,” Hall said.

He says it’s not just his health that seems to have improved– it’s also his mindset around food.

46 days later and 44 pounds lighter, he hopes this can be the start of a lifestyle change. 

“This is my jump off. I use this as a catalyst to break my addiction to food, to look at food in a more healthy light, to make better choices for myself,” Hall said.

His first meal of solid food was guacamole, but it should come as no surprise that he washed it down with a beer.

Because 46 days later Hall still isn’t sick of it.

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