PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Unity Rises is celebrating a new space this month to continue giving support and services to local communities.

The new location didn’t move far, it just went up a set of stairs. The new space is located at 400 North Walnut Street. The association collects anything people can use daily including clothes, furniture, food, children’s items etc. Unity Rises is a free service that distributes those goods to those in need 100% free of charge. They only ask that for those larger items, they be contacted ahead of time as they have limited space.

“We are here to put your need back into not only our community but all communities. For people we are a place to come to for help, other resources for help, everything is free, medical, clothing, some furniture, children items, car seats, diapers all kinds of stuff like anything that anybody would need in their daily life we have for free,” Founder Melissa Geer-Kirby said.

Unity Rises is a non-profit organization that takes anything people are willing to give.

If you are interested in donating or if you need a little bit of help, make sure to reach out on their Unity Rises Facebook page or call at (814) 952-9019.