Two camp break-in suspects charged


Two suspects were arraigned on burglary and theft charges in Emporium on Thursday, including one who was wanted by police last week.

They’re accused of breaking into camps over the weekend.

We spoke to a man outside Sinnemahoning who’s missing property, and have more on the suspects’ capture.

Police say they had found the two suspects at this camp in the 7700 block of Wykoff Run Road, but they wouldn’t come in easy, instead running away for a mile into the woods.

The complaint says troopers crossed the creek on Saturday when the two men ran out the back of a green trailer, past a stolen truck and car.

Police say this camp’s owned by the ex-stepdad of Austin Eckert, 22, York.

Eckert and Elijah Conser, 21, Punxsutawney, were in court, where bails were set at $50,000.

Conser had been declared as wanted after police say he escaped from a halfway house in Erie.

They’d called him a suspect after someone stole an ATV and motorcycles near Punxsutawney and Reynoldsville last Monday and Tuesday.

“It’s strange. You feel like you’ve been violated. Been up here for all these years,” says camper Tom Corle from Falls Creek, who’s missing chainsaws.

Police say they were at Sunrise Court where they believe the duo stole more items just 10 hours before their capture.

“The door on that shed wasn’t closed. It should have been closed,” says Corle.

Corle says chainsaws that he and his son own, and gas cans, were stolen from the shed.

Meanwhile, Corle says neighbors started noticing missing items like cell phones, a camera, and binoculars.

“He was laughing because he had a case of beer on ice sitting on the tailgate of his truck, and they never touched it. Well, when he went home he needed some tools out of his toolbox. His toolbox was gone!” says Corle of one neighbor.

Corle says the saws are police evidence for now.

The property owner Dick Logue says he’s never had thefts here. Elsewhere, we spoke to campers who have had past break-ins.

“They caught them. They’re in jail and I get a restitution check every year for about $10!” says Richard Young.

“It’s a shame, but it happens. What the problem is, people are desperate. People desperate today, young guys,” says Don John.

Both suspects are being held in the Potter County Prison. Judge Barry Brown said they also face pending out-of-county charges and probation issues.

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