Tree removal upsets homeowner


What may have taken nature hundreds of years to build took just hours to bring down today.

We have more on why one woman will treasure a piece of the tree that was removed.

The homeowner said she’s upset that a tree right in front of her house is being cut down.

“It’s a shame. It has a lot of history to it,” says resident Pamela Lair.

Lair says she played by it and remembers her mom and uncle burying a cat near it.

“It was always this big! It was always this big, even from the time my mother was a child,” says Lair. “It’s the largest tree from Bigler to Kylertown.”

But workers say this oak is on state right-of-way, not Lair’s property like this maple is, and they’re taking out trees to make way for road improvements.

“They’re starting to reconstruct this highway through here and they have to move them out in order to get their work done,” says neighbor Wallace Kephart.

“This property has been in my family through the Williamses for generations, more than 200 years, and before that the Moravian indians camped here,” says Lair.

A worker showed us a PennDOT plan which notes the oak as 42-inches in diameter.

“One of the workers here was up all night because of having to cut this tree down because he watched it since he was a little boy,” says Lair.

Neighbors understand Lair’s frustration.

“Maybe they feel like they lost a friend or something,” says neighbor Anna London.

“I’ve lived here for 42 years and those trees have been there as long as I have,” says Kephart.

Workers say the Allport Cutoff will be re-paved starting in mid-June. PennDOT estimates it will cost nearly $8 millon. They say it will expand by two feet on each side, and they also seek daylight on the road to melt snow.

The workers from PennLine cut the tree near Centre Hill Road and pulled it with ropes, then ran as it fell. After the tree came down, there was a hole inside.

One worker presented Lair with a piece, putting the wedge by her door.

“I’m gonna put polyurethane on it and preserve it so I have something to remember that tree by and pass it down through the generations to come,” says Lair.

PennDOT employees say they’ve already cut down 40 to 50 trees along this road and they still have further to go along toward Bigler.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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