Township listens to residents, changes plans for dangerous street solution


Patton Township has been getting more and more complaints from residents along a busy street, saying something has to be done to protect them from dangerous drivers.

The Board of Supervisors wanted to install rumble strips along Toftrees Avenue and Presidents Drive and Beaumanor Rd, but Wednesday night residents say they also have concerns about those rumble strips and the board is taking note.

Dawn Nixon walks across Toftrees Avenue on the Presidents Drive or Beaumanor intersection multiple times a day to walk her dogs and to get the mail.

She says fast and unsafe driving make those daily tasks dangerous.
“People do not stop when you’re in the crosswalk,” Nixon, said.

Wednesday night neighbors like Nixon spoke at the Patton Township Board of Supervisor’s meeting, about why the proposed rumble strips and two signs in both directions saying “rumble strips” and “suggested speed limit 25”, won’t be good for residents or make a difference.

“The rumble strips are going to make noise, rumbling back on the streets and a lot of people realize that at this point, it’s not going to stop the traffic though,” Nixon said.

Cliff Wurster, lives at The Village at Penn State he’s also worried about drivers in his community but isn’t worried about the noise from the rumble strips.

“It is virtually not even going to be audible, to somebody walking 50 or a 100 yard away,” Wurster, said.

Douglas Erickson, Manager for Patton Township says going into Wednesday’s meeting they thought rumble strips were the best solution, after receiving results from a consulting firm.

“We authorized, a study, had our traffic engineer go out and collect some data and get some analysis and come up with a set of recommendations,” Erickson, said.

He says this would be the best cost effective choice.

But multiple residents like Nixon told the board rumble strips and four more signs aren’t the answer.

“It’s a busy intersection, and it’s not getting any better,” Nixon, said. “The solution is not rumble strips, the solution is something else but it’s not rumble strips.”

The board decided not to vote for rumble strips and will look at alternatives.

These will be more expensive options to slow down traffic like speed bumps and flashing lights.

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