Toomey skips convention, visits Cambria County


“I could have been in Cleveland,” Senator Pat Toomey said.  However, instead of spending time at the Republican National Convention, Toomey chose to be in Cambria County Tuesday, “It’s really important for me to get all around the state of Pennsylvania as often as I can.”

Toomey said for him, that includes returning to places like Johnstown on a regular basis.

“We’re tired of the same old politicians.  They come here, they talk a good story, and they go back home so to speak in Washington or in Harrisburg.  They really don’t seem to remember who we are and what we need,” Al Holt told WTAJ.

Holt is a Toomey supporter.  He attended Tuesday’s breakfast along with dozens of other Cambria County residents to address his concerns, “Steel left. Coal left. Railroads died down.  We have a single mall and a single interstate.  We don’t have a lot of people here.”

A small crowd gathered outside of the Cambria County Republican Headquarters to protest Toomey.

“A big problem in our area is that no one is coming back and a lot of times you can’t blame them because there’s so much opportunity in other places,” protester Karsen Bailey told us.

Toomey told WTAJ that he is working to create jobs and improve the economy in Cambria County and in Pennsylvania.

“I want to change the path that we’re on.  We have an administration that is stifling the economy, which includes the war on coal, the unreasonable and over-the-top regulations on agriculture, and stifling small community banks.”

The topics mentioned by Toomey were  important to both the supporters and protestors, but they disagree on their candidate choice for November that they believe will make Cambria County alive again.

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