Today in history: February 5


ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — There are two sides to every story, but which side is right?

The verdict’s been out for both stories in today’s review, but that doesn’t stop people from still questioning it.

February 5, 1997: Former Altoona Native Darlie Routier is convicted of first degree murder for the death of one of her sons in Dallas, Texas.

However, she sticks to her innocence to this day, and her supporters stand by her. They claim the local media played a vital role in Darlie’s alleged wrongful conviction.

February 5, 2010: Climate change has been a topic of debate since the term was coined in 1988.

A group of scientists–including local Penn State professor Dr. Michael Mann–released the “hockey stick” graph in 1999, heating up the argument with critics who claim the report was fudged.

After an investigation, Penn State came to the conclusion that Dr. Mann did not falsify any data to support his claims.

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