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ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Rainy days don’t keep crews from working on the $88M Altoona Area High School Project.

While the new B Building still needs walls and roofing installed, many projects are closer to be finished over in the old B Building.

Superintendent Charles Prijatelj said those additions are just snippets of what’s changed in the school. A brand new stem area, which is still under construction, will help train students for the types of jobs that are needed in the community.

“These jobs are growing, they’re in demand. They’re needed today,” he said. “Our kids are gonna be ready to fill those positions: nursing, physician assistants, all of those aspects of biomedical. Computer programming is a big field where kids can walk in with what we’re giving them, from an educational standpoint, and be ready to walk into a job.”

By transforming their library into a media center, Prijatelj said it will allow the students to work as if they were in a modern business office.

“These opportunities are out there. We want our kids to be able to take advantage of it, so they can be prepared, and then be a viable part of Altoona. They don’t have to go off, out in the the hinterlands to be successfully employed and be able to raise a family,” he said.

As for those who are concerned about how much the project costs, Prijatelj hoped they’ll see its importance in the near future.

“The value to the community and the value to the kids is gonna be very readily understood as soon as the building opens,” he said.

Dr. Prijatelj said the new B building should be open for the kids next Fall, September 2020.

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