SUV crashes into fire company’s garage


President for the Howard Fire Company, Mark Ott, says, an older member of their fire company was driving, when he had a medical emergency and drove into the garage door.

The driver was taken to the hospital for medical issues, but left without any injuries.

The SUV hit a rescue truck and fire engine inside the garage.

Both fire trucks have been cleared for use.

“We’re just a typical small fire company in a rural community, and like a lot of them in this area, and we’re all struggling,” Ott, said.

Ott says they were fighting to find ways to pay for needed expenses before the pandemic.

The pandemic made it harder to have fundraisers and then this accident happened.

“People as much a they can should support, because when you call 9-1-1, you want us to show up and it’s getting to the point where the ambulance companies themselves are having trouble responding to everything,” Ott, said.

Ott says you can donate on their Facebook page or mail a check to their address, found on their website.

Ott says local Amish construction workers put up a wood covering where the garage door was, to protect all their equipment the wood was donated from lowe’s in Mill Hall, the same night as the accident.

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