Students helping less fortunate students


The halls are quiet and the classrooms empty, but not for much longer.  The school year is just around the corner for students at Bishop McCort High School.

This year they’re welcoming in a new addition of students.

“We really wanted the 7th and 8th graders to feel like they were a part of our school,” student Haley Thomas says.

To create a friendly environment the students say they are holding a festival this Sunday.

“We decided this would be a great opportunity to unite everyone, unite the community, and almost boost the students into our school to start off,” event publicity committee member Andrew Massoud tells WTAJ.

They say they know that they are lucky, so their plan is to donate the proceeds of the event to kids in less fortunate countries around the world and give them the chance to hit the books.

“We feel so fortunate here at Bishop McCort, that we should give back to other students who really don’t have that opportunity,” publicity committee chair Adeline Mishler explains.

“Not everyone can afford an education.  Not everyone can afford the supplies they need to get an education,” Massoud adds.

Mishler also says that they know those in their own community around them need help, “We do realize that some students aren’t as fortunate.  We’re actually going to be making a scholarship and it will be benefiting a future student that can attend Bishop McCort and it’ll alleviate their tuition costs.”

The festival will be held at Bishop McCort from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

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