Students at an Alaska school use graffiti to spread positivity


(CNN) — You might expect to see graffiti when you go into the bathroom at a high school.

Students at one school in Alaska decided what you see on the walls should be positive, not negative.

When it’s your first year in high school, you’re nervous about making friends, worried about classes.

What you shouldn’t fear, Is for your safety.

“It’s not a good word to you because it’s not inclusive, and it doesn’t practice what service preaches,” said Maezelle Tacas: Student.

This is Service High School’s monthly fuel session.

Upperclassman, or peer mentors, lead freshmen in games and lessons.

“It’s to kind of eliminate that stigma between freshman and the upperclassman so it kind of practices inclusivity,” said Tacas.

The goal is to spread positivity and kindness.

Walk through the halls, you’ll see it’s just one of the ways students do that, and that positivity is found everywhere.

“We’ve been having some graffiti issues and threats, and by putting inspirational quotes on the bathroom stalls, it just helps lighten everyone’s mood a little bit,” Ashley Wade: Student.

Those peer mentors that help welcome new students came up with this project after a number of violent threats targeted ASD schools.

Some of them left on the walls of their own bathrooms.

“This says, never stop making wishes. Just little cute things,” said Wade.

The project is aptly named Paint the School with Kindness.

“I think love and kindness are the most powerful forces on this planet. And the more we can instill that within our students, the better life will be in every aspect of life,” said Mary Ahonen: Teacher.

They hope to finish all of the bathrooms within the next year.

“It makes me really happy that I can be a part of something like this because it has made a positive impact on our school,” said Tacas.

It’s impossible to keep all negative words out of these halls.

But when they do come, these students paint over them with kindness.

“They work so hard not to just combat what they see, to combat that negativity, but because this is part of who they are at the core, is being kind and being loving,” said Ahonen.

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