Funding approved for a new mental health task force

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Monday night, the State College Borough voted to fund a new mental health task force and a race equity plan.

The death of Osazie Osagie by State College Police during a mental health call in March, led the Borough to consider and now fund this new mental health task force.

Monday night, the State College Borough voted to give $100,000 to a new mental health crisis task force and $50,000 to a racial equity plan.

The task force of 30 people will come from about 20 different agencies in the county and will identify areas of strength and weakness for mental health.

The 3/20 Coalition and a member in the group, Melanie Morrison, want accountability.

“We must have some action regarding the progress towards the actual ability to hold police accountable beyond body cams, which have only the appearance of transparency,” Morrison, said.

Also at the meeting, for the first time, Chief John Gardner gave a report on the police department’s internal review in the Osazie Osagie shooting.

“The board has unanimously concluded that the actions of the officers were consistent with department policies and procedures,” John Gardner, Chief for the State College Police Department, said.

He added that once the officer that shot Osagie passes medical clearance he will resume normal duties.

The task force will be formed in the next couple weeks and hope to have their first meeting by mid September. They will report to Centre County Commissioners and State College Borough Council periodically and hope to have most of their research done by next Spring.

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