State College Borough Council Proposes Gun Legislation


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — After a string of shootings both nationally, statewide and in State College, one borough council member says they had to do something to try to make a difference.

Matt McAllister, from State College, says our state and country need to go beyond thoughts and prayers when it comes to talking about mass shootings.

“I worry that we’ve become desensitized to these pretty massive gun incidents, where you will have sometimes double-digit people killed,” said Matt McAllister: State college.

Monday night, State College Borough Council Member Jesse Barlow proposed a resolution to council that was amended twice and then passed.

“There are loopholes in the background checks laws that we have, which is that for example private sales aren’t regulated, gun shows aren’t regulated, and we can close those,” said Jesse Barlow: Councilmember, State College Borough.

He also says restrictions on magazine size and a ban on assault weapons need to happen.

The resolution will be sent in a letter to state and national leaders.

In Washington D.C. right now, lawmakers are addressing the same concerns, with a bipartisan bill that would expand background checks to all commercial sales.

Texas senator John Cornyn is one of those voicing concerns about the bill.

He says passing more background check laws, won’t keep guns away from criminals.

“Were you suggesting we gotta’ pass a law, just to pretend like we’re doing something, but would actually not have a positive impact on saving lives?, said John Cornyn: Senator, Texas

WTAJ spoke to gun owners at a local shooting range, who would not comment on the resolution from the State College Borough.

Barlow says the resolution will be sent to Governor Wolf, Local and State leaders, and at the Federal level to President Trump.

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