St. Marys man charged after allegedly assaulting 4-year-old


ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A St. Marys man was arraigned on Monday after he allegedly assaulted a four-year-old child.

Ryan R. Roidt, 28, is facing felony charges of aggravated assault of a victim less than six-years-old, strangulation and endangering the welfare of children. He also faces a misdemeanor count of simple assault.

Police said they received a Children and Youth Services report on May 31 of a juvenile female that was allegedly choked and kicked. The report was made after the girl was brought into Penn Highlands DuBois for injuries.

When police spoke to the victim’s mother, she said her daughter was at Roidt’s residence in St. Marys. Roidt’s girlfriend brought the child home and another adult resident was present for the exchange, according to the report.

When the victim’s mother returned home, she said she noticed some marks on her daughter’s neck and lower back. When she asked her daughter what had happened, the victim said that Roidt grabbed her neck because he was mad.

The victim also said that she ate some of Roidt’s cookies. As a result, Roidt shoved the cookies in her mouth, causing an abrasion. Roidt allegedly grabbed her by the throat, spanked her and kicked her in the bank, according to the report.

Police said the victim was taken to the emergency room at Penn Highlands DuBois where a doctor did a physical exam and took photos of the injuries.

An interview with the victim and the Children’s Advocacy Center happened on June 1. During the interview, the victim recalled Roidt grabbing her face and squeezing it, along with grabbing her by the neck and pushing her against the floor until her nose bled and she threw up.

The victim said that Roidt then hit her in the back while yelling that she was never coming to his house again, according to the report.

Police interviewed Roidt on June 9, where he said that on the night of the alleged incident the victim did not sleep well. Roidt said she had taken money and candy and was hiding it in her room, and that he yelled at her and talked to her about stealing and hiding things.

Roidt told police that he had the victim sit against a wall and think about what she had done. Police said they found indicators that Roidt was not being fully truthful.

Police received a fax on June 23 with the medical records from the incident from Elk County CYS. According to the records, the victim had bruising in her neck area where the jaw bone meets the cheekbone. The victim also had documented bruising on the back, according to the report.

On July 10, police received the photos of the victim that were taken at Penn Highlands DuBois. According to police, the photos showed that the victim had yellow bruising in both cheeks with what appear to be pink finger marks. Photos also showed bruising in the front of her neck and left side of her back, according to police.

Police interviewed Roidt again on Aug. 1, where he again denied hurting the victim after being shown the photos from the hospital. Police also interviewed Roidt’s girlfriend, who said she saw no bruising when she changed her before returning her home or at the time of dropping her off.

Police performed a polygraph test on Roidt on Aug. 12. During a post-test interview, Roidt told police that he did do the acts reported by the victim. Police said Roidt then provided a written statement, saying that he did squeeze the victim’s mouth while a cookie was in it and then may have blacked out.

Police asked Roidt if what the victim reported was true and accurate and Roidt wrote “Yes, I didn’t grab her by the throat at all,” according to the report.

Roidt has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Nov. 3.

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