Snow Shoe EMS asks for help to add daylight crew


Port Matilda EMS asked their residents for help with funding for a full staff last month.
Now Snow Shoe EMS is reaching out to it’s community to help too.

Snow Shoe EMS responds to calls for everything from falls to strokes, to heart attacks.
Without a nearby crew that can respond within 10 minutes residents could wait up to 25 minutes for help from another ambulance department.

John Daughenbaugh lives in Snow Shoe. He says his yearly $55 subscription for Snow Shoe EMS coverage is worth it, because that family plan covers everyone in his house

“I subscribe to the Snow Shoe EMS, because it’s a good service to the community, the community needs an ambulance service,” Daughenbaugh, said.

Sharon Nilson, Chief for Snow Shoe EMS says all their volunteers work 9am to 5pm, leaving no one for emergency calls during the day.

“It puts a burden on the ambulance services outside of our area, because let’s say if Bellefonte has to come up, or Mo Valley has to come over, they’ve pulled a unit out of their coverage area, so if they get a call, and they’re way up here, someone else has to come in and cover their calls,” Nilson, said.

She says they’ll need to have their license renewed by the state department of health this month.
They’re going to tell the ambulance service they need to have a corrected action plan.

They’re current goal is to raise over $100,000 through subscriptions or donations, to hire two crews of two people.

Daughenbaugh says if you subscribe to the EMS, that will cover whatever your insurance doesn’t.

“If you don’t have a subscription, and the ambulance is called to your residence, it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars, that has to come out of your pocket,” Daughenbaugh, said. “The insurance company will only pay so much, and then the rest comes out of your pocket.”

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