Sled hockey team celebrates 10th anniversary

They've added new players to their roster over the years.

The Sitting Bulls Sled Hockey team is all about giving people with disabilities the chance to get on the ice.

The Sitting Bulls have been around for ten years.

The team is proud to expand the sport for people locally and have grown from a team of half a dozen to 30 players.

This is Sarah Brandle's first year playing sled hockey with the team.

"I just get to meet new people and I get to play one of my favorite sports and it's awesome, everything is awesome," she explained.

She's getting ready to take on her percussion teacher for the team's biggest fundraiser of the year, the local celebrities and teachers game.

Russ White, the president of the team, says the fundraiser is all about providing equipment for players.

"No cost to the family that comes in, that's our goal. We're the only organization like that and we want to keep it that way."

Over the last two years, white says they've been able to build up their roster.

"We've actually picked up probably 5 or 6 novice players and 3 or 4 players for the intermediate team. We're up to 30 some players and we never thought we would get to 30 players."

People of all ages are encouraged to give it a try. Sarah says it's a lot of fun to learn.

"It's a little bit harder than I though it would be but it's easy to pick up I guess, but it's kind of hard when everyone's a lot faster than you."

It's a sport, white says, brings some people out of their shells.

"They come for a couple of months and they open right up. Not only are they playing hockey but the comradery between the players and even the older to younger ones,  they teach them stuff. It's a great combination."

Sled hockey is now one of Sarah's favorite things and she's happy to share it with the community and her teacher.

"I'm excited to knock him over. I'm going to try and knock over as many times as possible."


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