Should Blair County become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County?


A local political organization plans to launch a campaign to make Blair County a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. The Blair County Tea Party says gun freedom continues to be under threat from politicians and so action must be taken to protect liberty in this area.
To this end, the organization and other community groups are planning to circulate petitions to take the issue to the voters. If they get enough signatures, they’ll place a question on the ballot.

It would ask whether a voter supports having Blair County enter into an agreement with its municipalities to declare the county a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.
If approved, the designation could bar the use of taxpayer resources or personnel to enforce legislation that would affect a citizen’s right to possess any firearm.

Juniata College Political Science Professor Jack Barlow says that type of ordinance could be illegal.

“In Pennsylvania, counties and municipalities originate from the state, so everything is really an arm of state government, so the counties don’t really have any power that the state has not given them,” he explains.

Dr. Barlow says the real message of the second sanctuary movements is that a lot of people believe gun laws passed by the state are unconstitutional. He adds that the state needs to listen to their concerns.

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