Shop owner sees spike in gun sales

Shop owner sees spike in gun sales_52882932-159532
A gun shop owner in Centre County says that he has sold between 13,000 and 15,000 semi-automatic rifles on his website since the Orlando mass shooting. 
His website is linked with dealers across the United States that sell these types of firearms. 
Tom Engle owns Hunters Warehouse in Bellefonte and has been selling guns for about 30 years. 
He believes that there needs to be a universal background check for all gun purchases. 
Engle says that it’s not hard for a person that isn’t a citizen of the United States to obtain a firearm. 
“The easiest way is to obtain the hunting license,” explained Engle. “Then they basically can get the gun simple as that. As long as they have an ID of course.”
Engle also believes that gun shops should be allowed to run firearm serial numbers so that they can know if a gun is stolen. 

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