Shooting suspects face new charges


We’re learning more about two attempted murder suspects and their time on the run near Frenchville, Clearfield County.

Police have now filed burglary charges against the couple.

Police say the couple broke into three different places, including one on McCool Road and another over on Caledonia Pike.

“In a way, I wish I had been here, because if I’d been here, maybe they wouldn’t have done it,” says break-in victim Harold Hahn.

Hahn says a rug was used to cover up the garage windows in his camp last month. He says pillows and bedding were gone from a bedroom, which he’s since replaced, and his ATV — which he showed us a picture of — was missing from the garage.

“The refrigerator was raided, my closet, my clothes were taken. Most of my camouflage clothes mostly was taken, and my crossbow, BB gun,” says Hahn.

Hahn missed out on the start of deer archery season without his bow.

Police say David Clark, 35, and Amanda Carfley, 29, took the items while on the run for 17 days after Clark shot a Philadelphia teen at the Laundry Station in Clearfield.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had anything like this,” says Hahn.

On McCool Road, police say the couple stole items including sleeping bags, clothing, a solar shower, grilling kit and marshmallows.

Then on Thirty 06 Road, a window was found broken out.

“He was out here when he was younger you know and stayed, had a few picnics and stuff out here,” says break-in victim Geary Hugar.

This time, police say Clark, who grew up nearby, helped himself to water, soda, hot dogs, and hamburgers, plus blankets.

“I don’t think they stayed. I think they got stuff and left,” says Hugar.

Police say Carfley reported they were staying in the woods in sleeping bags, and that after the shooting they’d been to Clark’s trailer in Hyde, and her doctor’s appointment in Kittanning before returning to the area.

Both Carfley and Clark remain in jail while awaiting hearings on both the attempted murder and now burglary charges as well.

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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