Seniors Getting In-Home Care During the Health Crisis


A “Life Geisinger” doctor says they’ve redeployed everybody they have, that worked in many different ways, to make sure senior patients are getting what they need.

75 year-old Becky Wilson and her husband were going to Geisinger Lewistown Hospital for physical therapy and treatment before the pandemic.

Now the “Life Geisinger” senior care program comes to her.

“They have me walking, we get up, we play games and things like that, it really has helped me a lot, due to my walking,” Wilson, said.

Dr. Kimberly Manganaro says physicians can order medication for a patient, while at their home.

Nurses will pick it up when it’s ready and deliver it to the patient immediately.

They also help the patient take treatment.

“There are people that need regular injections that are not capable of giving them to themselves,” Manganaro, said. “We’ll take the medication out and the nurses will make sure it’s done, so we do a lot of nursing visits.”

She says nurses also give patients baths, deliver food, help them exercise their minds and even do yardwork.

Becky says she can’t leave the house because of the virus, so she doesn’t know what she would do without the service.

“It would be awful, my husband and I don’t get out, and things like that, Wilson, said. “We would have no way to go to the doctors, no way to get the medicines, nothing like that.”

Dr. Manganaro says patients are still brought to Geisinger Hospital, for things like IV treatment, IV medication and dialysis.

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