Senator Corman to form special committee for election review


CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania Senator Jake Corman has announced his plan to submit a resolution that would create a special committee to review the 2020 general election. He says this could help boost Pennsylvania’s confidence in the results of the election.

“One of the most important things in a democracy is confidence in the integrity of the elections process and whether it’s accurate or not,” says Senator Corman. “There are hundreds of thousands, millions of Pennsylvanians who believe it was not done honestly this year.”

Senator Corman says the “Special Committee on Integrity and Reform” will ensure answers to questions and concerns brought forward from members of the Commonwealth.

The bipartisan committee will include five democratic members and five republican members.
The republican seats have already been filled.

The senator says this committee would also help improve polling and voter security for future elections.

“If there were mistakes made, try and correct those mistakes, and if there are a lot of rumors out there, try and dispel those rumors,” says Senator Corman. “So, either way, people have confidence in the results moving forward because people aren’t going to vote if their vote doesn’t matter.”

In Centre County, there have been no reports of widespread fraud detected. Centre Commissioner Michael Pipe says, he hopes this committee will address improvements, not search for errors.

“I think that there’s a concern that many of us have, of this being a self-fulfilling prophecy, where they’re trying to find issues where there are no issues,” says Commissioner Pipe.

He says he hopes this strengthens Pennsylvanian’s faith in the vote.

“Democracy is our hallmark and any attempt to weaken that just will weaken America,” says Commissioner Pipe.

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