Senator Bob Casey introduces bill that would increase Medicaid funding during times of crisis


CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – According to state leaders during times of crisis more people turn to Medicaid for coverage, and currently the country is facing not only one but two.

“We are in the midst of not only an economic crisis, but also a public health crisis. We saw this during the Great Recession, and we’re seeing it again now. Economic downturn leads to an increased need for Medicaid. That’s a fact,” said U.S. Representative Susie Lee.

Which Senator Bob Casey says creates pressure on an already strained state budget.

“I’m a member of Congress who believes that sometimes when it’s the hands of Congress to increase the matching dollars for Medicaid that it doesn’t happen fast enough or isn’t responsive enough,” said Casey.

Which is why he introduced the Coronavirus Medicaid Response Act.

“The bill would automatically connect the Medicaid FMAP, the Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage, to state unemployment levels so that federal aid would adjust based up on the state’s economic condition,” said Casey.

Casey says this would provide protection and reliability to the nearly 3 million people across the commonwealth accessing the Medicaid program.

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