School resource officer gets fired for body-slamming student


(WTAJ/CBS) — Today a sheriff’s office in North Carolina fired a school resource officer who was seen on surveillance video body-slamming an 11-year-old student, a boy who weighs just 70 pounds.

Mark Strassmann reports that the officer could lose more than his job.

A sheriff’s deputy escorting a middle-school boy lifts and body-slams him.

He was a student who weighs 70 pounds.

Body-slams him twice, a school resource officer who’s supposed to protect students.

The family of the unidentified eleven-year-old says the boy was knocked out.

“When we first saw the video, we were stunned, we were shocked. We are all parents who have children and grandchildren at the same age, so it brought some great concern to us,” said Sheriff Curtis Brame: Vance County North Carolina.

Sheriff Curtis Brame says the unidentified deputy has been fired.

“I don’t expect any my deputy or any deputy in North Carolina to carry out their duties that way,” said Brame.

There are no official statistics about excessive force involving school police on students.

One national two-year study showed 141 complaints of school resource officers being overly physical.

North Carolina requires its school resource officers to get additional training.

It’s unclear whether the deputy involved in this body slam got his.

“No student should ever experience this in any way, especially not in our schools,” said the Superintendent.

John Miles is the middle-school boy’s grandfather.

“It’s very painful because you send your kids to school to learn,” said Miles.

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