School district makes important decision over video conference


ALTOONA Pa. (WTAJ) — On Tuesday night, the Philipsburg Osceola school board voted to move forward with relocating 5th-grade students Beginning next school year, Chester Hill Middle School will only host grades 6 to 8.

In a Zoom video conference call, the Philipsburg Osceola School District’s board meeting had 202 participants. At the beginning of the meeting, participants were told they could ask questions that would be answered at the end of the call and they weren’t.

Mother of 2 Philipsburg elementary students, Veronica Walker, says ” I was furious at how we were treated. I took an hour and a half of my life and it was tough to side. We were all treated as if our opinions and suggestions and our ideas didn’t matter in the least…It is a very big possibility that I will be pulling my children from Philipsburg.”

6 out of 9 board members voted to move forward with the decision. Board member, Sue Mcgee did not want to be recorded but tells us she voted for it because she felt it was right.

Linda Bush, another board member who advocated against the decision says due to the circumstances of not being able to have a physical meeting, that they should discuss this at a later time.

“I was pleased that we finally are getting a response from the public and that many people came to the meeting and that tells me that there are a lot more people that are against this move than there isn’t,” says Bush.

As of now, Osceola Mills and Philipsburg Elementary will house kindergarten through 5th grade and Chester Hill will consist of grades 6 to 8. Superintendent Gregg Paladina was contacted after the committee meeting on March 10th and again on Tuesday. Both times, there was no response.

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