NEW YORK, (CBS Newspath) – Inflation continues to push up prices for everyday household items, but there are some easy ways to save money at home that are also eco-friendly.

“You have the potential to save thousands upon thousands of dollars a year by making small incremental changes,” Paul Hope from Consumer Reports said.

Hope worked on a new review showing little changes can add up to big savings. Consumer Reports says trading in packaged coffee pods for a reusable pod filter can give your annual budget a $393 jolt. Installing a bidet can cut down on toilet paper and save up to $231 a year. When it comes to paper towles Hope says his family is “saving close to $600 a year just by using reusable washcloths instead of paper towels.”

Using cold water when washing clothes can save money and many Americans may be able to cut down on the amount of detergent they use. “Most machines don’t need more than about a shot class worth or one and a half ounces of detergent to do a really good job,” Hope says.

According to Consumer Reports, turning the hot water heater down from 140 to 120 degrees can put a cool $453 dollars in your pocket every year.

And there is an easy way to cut down on water use. “For lightly soiled dishes, you typically don’t need a pre rinse, just a good scrape, put them in the machine and save that extra water,” Hope says.

All the tips are environmentally friendly, helping you go green and save green at the same time.