HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — On Tuesday, a controversial location for a Rutter’s gas station and store was conditionally approved in Huntingdon County.

Smithfield Township Code Enforcement Officer, Ed Habbershon, said many steps need to be taken before the project can break ground.

“This is just the first part of this project,” Habbershon said. “There’s many more avenues that are going to have to happen from other agencies”

The Smithfield Township Planning Commission agreed to recommended plans for a new Rutter’s store to township supervisors on the basis of “approval with conditions.” The planned project would be located near the Old Crow Wetland.

“All it is, is just a submission for preliminary to final plans that the planning committee views and sees that everything’s met by the township ordinances and verified by our engineer,” Habbershon said.

The project proposal was submitted by M&G Reality Inc. of York, owners of Rutter’s.

Habbershon said before construction can begin, Rutter’s must meet qualifications set by the township.

“What they’ll have to do is meet all the ordinances with the state, us, and everything,” Habbershon said. “Then what will happen is they’ll make a submission for a final vote for the township supervisors, but everything else has to be met in between.”

Habbershon said a timeline for a final decision is still to be determined.

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“It depends how long it takes DEP and PennDOT to, you know, meet the qualifications and give them an answer for what they think for approval or disapproval,” Habbershon said.