Russia opens hedgehog cafe

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(CBS) — While some of us are just getting used to the idea of animals in cafes, one cafe in Russia is already taking it to the next level.

They are testing out a Hedgehog Cafe!

Now they aren’t wild hedgehogs but are instead a mix between two breeds, the white-bellied and Algerian hedgehog.

The usually shy, nocturnal creatures here are more than happy to greet visitors keen to pet them.

Unlike wild hedgehogs, they do not hibernate and can interact with people all year round, according to the cafe owners.

They claim the hedgehogs are trained to sleep at night from birth, so they are used to being up and active during the day.

Visitors are not allowed to eat or drink in the same room as the hedgehogs; the cafe area is separate.

The owners say it’s to avoid any possible allergic reaction that the hedgehogs might have and to stop them from being over-fed.

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