Run, hide, fight


At the start of every semester Penn State Police promote their Run, Hide, Fight campaign, throughout campus.

It educates new students as well as others about what to do in active shooter situation or other violent scenarios.

Penn State Police Sergeant Monica Himes, says there’s no better time to prepare yourself for how to handle a dangerous event.

“In today’s times, what’s going on nationally, it’s always good to kind of take a moment and think about, what are some things that I could do for my safety, for myself, for my family, folks that I care about, people I work with,” Monica Himes, Supervisor for the Community Oriented Policing Unit for Penn State Police, said.

The campaign teaches students to run or hide from a dangerous situation if possible, and then fight, if absolutely necessary.

To learn more about the run, fight, hide training provided by Penn State police, go to

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