Road Safety in Blair County


HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Some residents in Stonehedge say lots of people take their dogs out for walks and school buses drop kids off a good walking distance from their houses.

But drivers don’t seem to take that into consideration and its raising concerns.

Stonehedge road in Hollidaysburg is a popular place to walk your dog.

But Mario Poon worries drivers aren’t paying attention to the speed limit.

“Some of the roads are very steep and because there’s not to much traffic in this area, people tend to drive much faster,” said Mario Poon: Resident

And he’s not the only one

“Someone’s going to get hurt kids, dogs, there’s just not much recovery time especially going around some of these bins,” said Fred Khalouf: Resident

“I’m always worried about people driving quick and not looking around or looking at their phones, but I used to drive quick myself but I’ve become a lot more thoughtful,”

The speed limit on Stonehedge road is 35 miles per hour. But some are saying it should be lower.

So, while you’re driving through hills and curves, poon and his pooch hope you remember to
Slow down and pay attention.

You never know what’s around the corner.

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