(WTAJ) — If you’ve ever filled out a Miracle Balloon at Rite Aid or rounded up your change at the register, you’ve helped them raise more than $102M dollars for the Children’s Miracle Network.

It’s a milestone for Rite Aid’s 26 year partnership with 53 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

In that time, locally, Rite Aid has raised more than $1.5M for Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital.

“The campaign money is more important now than ever. With COVID, everybody is asking for money but our kids still need it. Our kids can’t wait for a vaccine to come out or the curve to flatten. We have these kids in our hospitals that are suffering traumatic injuries or who had chronic illnesses prior to covid who still needs funds,” says Sam Kennelly, Development Specialist for Children’s Miracle Network at Geisinger Hospital.

All of the donated money helps the Children’s Miracle Network buy life-saving equipment and supports critical programs and services for local children.