Religious group rallies in Washington, D.C. to protest pipeline installation


A religious group from Lancaster County rallied on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Monday morning to protest the installation of a high-pressure gas pipeline that would run across their convent property.

Members of The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, are asking the high court to decide whether the government can force the group to allow their private property to be used for the pipeline. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted the easement of the land to Transco by eminent domain.

The group says the pipeline violates their religious beliefs and have tried to appeal using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which has been denied.

Lancaster Attorney, Dwight Yoder, spoke on their behalf. “The Adorers have a long history of caring for the earth, they view the earth as sacred, as God’s creation, and they view the problem with global warming and climate change as an urgent need. They follow Pope Francis’s letter that basically says as Christians we all have an obligation to protect the earth,” said Yoder.

If installed, the pipeline would be capable of transporting 1.7 billion cubic inches of natural gas per day across rural farmland.

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