CAMERON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – The UPMC Cole Emporium Wellness Canter is holding a free summer Olympics experience for ages 8-13.

Broken into three separate days, the Olympic experience is free for the kids and it gets them moving and socializing with others.

“So we are just trying to get the kids active, try and get them moving around for the summer and giving them a little bit of a different experience rather than just hanging out at home. They can see some of their friends, we’re just trying to teach them a little bit but also get them moving.” Athletic Trainer Brianne Gleason said.

Day one consisted of workshops specifically catered to strengthening and stretching. It also featured games that can be compared to different Olympic games. This includes events like relay races and shot put. Not to mention so many others.

On day two they will be looking at Safety in Sports. Kids will be given a mini-training session in first aid, a backpack and proper sneaker fitting session and a Jell-o cup dissection treat! All children who attend that event will be placed in a drawing for a free backpack and a $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna doing some backpack fitting, how to wear straps, how to adjust them correctly, how to make sure bag isn’t too heavy, we’re gonna do shoe measurements because a lot of people think they are a certain size but that’s just the size they buy but realistically some people have wide feet and some have narrow feet. So just educating them on that. And going over first aid kits and how to use items in a first aid kit if an emergency would ever occur and then they actually get one they get to take home with them,” Gleason said.

On day three, the UPMC Olympic games will take place! It’s a series of events in which you can place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd! Your picture will be taken on the UPMC Olympic podium. Events will consist of the Mini Floor Hurdles, Long Jump, Shot Put (small, weighted ball), Sprint Races, Frisbee (discus) Throw, Box Jumps, Jump Rope, The Star Drill and Tug of War. 

For more information on the events make sure to check out this link!