(WTAJ) — Effective this week, Walmart announced it is increasing the average hourly way for its Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy technicians while promising more frequent raises.

“Our Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy technicians have proven time and time again how much they mean to the communities they serve,” the company wrote in a press release. “They were front and center during the pandemic as we tested millions of customers and members, and many went above and beyond to help administer vaccines across the country.”

Simply put, Walmart said pharmacy technicians are heroes within the community and want to reward them for all they do. More than 36,000 employees in Pennsylvania can expect to bring home more on their next paycheck.

“This is the second time we’ve made significant wage investments for this group of associates in the past year, after also increasing their pay last August,” Walmart noted.

In addition to the pay increase, pharmacy technicians will get more frequent, automatic pay raises as they introduce a new, progressive wage model. For example, Walmart explained that new pharmacy technicians get raises that can add up to $4 to their starting base pay over the course of four years. Pharmacy technicians will get raises every six months in their first two years with the company.

“We believe we are among the first large retailers to incorporate this kind of model – an approach that’s commonly seen in health care systems,” the company wrote. “This will help associates increase their pay more quickly as they build their careers and continue working at Walmart.”

Furthermore, Walmart said they will pay 100 percent of the cost for eligible associates to become certified pharmacy technicians through benefits like Live Better U and related programs. It’s reported Walmart certified technicians can make $3 more per hour than their non-certified peers.

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“Our business is growing, and we’ll continue to make investments across our entire Health & Wellness team to help drive that growth,” Walmart said. “We also plan to hire approximately 5,000 additional pharmacy technicians this year to support our vision of providing best-in-class health care.”

If you’re interested in a career at Walmart, visit careers.walmart.com.