Unaccompanied children from border arrive in Pennsylvania

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The surge of migrants at the southern border is being called a humanitarian crisis and the impact is now being felt in Pennsylvania.

About 150 unaccompanied children found at the southern border, arrived late Tuesday night at the Erie International Airport. Those children will be staying at a dormitory at the Pennsylvania International Academy.

The children will be released to sponsors in the U.S. usually parents or close relatives while pursuing their cases in immigration courts.

This comes after Congressman Fred Keller recently visited the border for himself.

In an interview, he expanded on the fears many at the border are facing including ranchers.

“They’re teaching their children how to use firearms for protection on their ranches in the United States of America on their own property,” said Keller.

Keller is on the House Oversight Committee and is pointing political blame for the situation unfolding.

“There wasn’t this surge at the border in December was there?,” Keller asked. “There wasn’t this surge at the border in the beginning of January. There was a surge at the border after January 20th.”

He says, halting the wall and tossing a policy that kept asylum seekers in Mexico while their cases moved through American courts have been bad moves by President Biden.

“If President Biden does something to fix this and does it right, I’ll give him credit for it. But he has not,” said Keller. “He has dismantled stuff without a plan. What’s his plan?”

Keller says that this is an American problem adding that the children transported to Erie will require medical care at Pennsylvania hospitals and education at schools within the commonwealth.

Immigration policy has been a problem for presidents of both parties for decades and Congress has failed to find a solution.

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