(WTAJ) — A national moving company released an annual report they say shows the percentage of people moving to and from Pennsylvania and the top five cities residents are relocating to.

A 2022 report from Allied Van Lines shows a majority of residents are moving out of the Keystone state which they also say is among the top 10 outbound states in the U.S. The company also reported that most Pennsylvanians are moving to Washington D.C., Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, Denver, CO and Chicago, IL.

Allied Van Lines reportedly used data from a 2021 migration study that showed where its customers are moving. The study shows a higher percentage of residents are leaving the state at 58.2% compared to those who are moving in at 41.8%.

In January, U-haul reported that Pennsylvania ranked 48 in the country in 2021 when it came to the rate of residents moving out of the state. This was according to the company’s growth index data that tracks truck rentals entering and leaving a state in a calendar year.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates Pennsylvania’s population dropped by around 38,000 from April 2020 to July 2021.