HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — For the first time a new study shows 58% of residents in the commonwealth now support the legalization of marijuana.

That’s according to a new Muhlenberg College Public Health Program survey.

Right now weed is only offered in the state legally with a medical card, but the push to fully legalize it has gained support from Governor Wolf in recent months.

Phil Goldberg CEO of Green Leaf Medical who operates a medical marijuana facility in Bedford County responded to the idea of legalizing marijuana in Pennslyvinana.

“While we are focused on the medical benefits of cannabis we recognize that many recreational users are actually self-medicating “would be patients”. We also recognize the tremendous social justice issues(targeting minorities with cannabis law enforcement) That have resulted from the failed war on cannabis. In addition, legalization has significant benefits with regard to public health. For these reasons we support legalization,” Goldberg said.

Only 26% of Pennsylvania residents surveyed said they would oppose legalization.

Blair County DA Pete Weeks says if it does get legalized, he’s got a logical idea.

“I think the best way to have safe communities and have strong drug enforcement with the existence of some legalized form of marijuana call in a pill form would be to make marijuana available in a pill form pharmacy through a legitimate pharmacy,” Weeks said.

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