CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A new partnership offers Scholastic Esports to all SkillsUSA Pennsylvania members.

Program directors said, through this partnership, students will have the opportunity to play Scholastic Esports and also gain an education in STEM. It’s done through a program called Pursu.it, which encourages student involvement in computer science and information technology careers, according to directors.

“Particularly in Pennsylvania there’s over 6,000 jobs right now that are open for the computer science, IT pathways, and this program that we’re running is gonna help fill that,” said Christopher Shirley, director of Pursu.it.

“You have a whole different group of kids that are interested in this, and what I’m hoping is, they get interested in SkillsUSA and they see all the careers… and they’re able to chose, they’re able to determine, what they want to do, what would make them happy in their life as a career,” said Robert Sorenson, national director of Pursu.it.

Schools who join SkillsUSA will be provided with the materials to implement the Scholastic Esport programs and encourage engagement.

Account managers said prices average at about $64 per student, with discount opportunities available.

“They will actually game at school, after school, in the classroom, with their peers,” said Sorenson. “They learn to collaborate, they learn to work together, and help each other move forward.