Sen. Toomey reintroduces bill to restore congressional power on tariffs

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WASHINTON, D.C. (WTAJ) — U.S. Senators Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) introduced bipartisan legislation that would prevent the presidential abuse of “national security” tariffs by reinstating congressional authority over trade.

The Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act would make any presidentially proposed tariff or quotas applied for national security purposes subject to review and approval by Congress before the tariff can go into effect.

“Wrongfully imposed tariffs have increased costs for American consumers, substantially burdened domestic manufacturers, and have undermined our relationships with our allies. Through the Bicameral Congressional Trade Authority Act, we can restore Congress’ authority by once again requiring tariffs imposed for so-called ‘national security purposes to be approved by Congress,” Senator Toomey said.

The Senators’ bill would require Congressional approval in the event the executive branch chooses to adjust import levels.

It would also restore the national security intent to the statute, by defining the term “national security” to include articles specifically related to military equipment, energy resources, and critical infrastructure.

“As our economy continues to recover from the economic crisis, we must ensure that Congress has a say in any future actions that could restrict trade or impose consequential changes,” Senator Warner said.

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