President Donald Trump makes a campaign stop in Pennsylvania

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — Tonight the President and Vice President made a stop Hershey.

This visit comes on the same day House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against the President stemming from his conduct with Ukraine.

Alex Peterson reports on how the President addressed the impeachment, NAFTA, and other topics.

President Trump took the stage to a roaring Giant Center.

“Hello Pennsylvania, hello,” said President Donald Trump.

“It’s great to be back in the state that gave us the liberty bell, Pennsylvania steel and Hershey Chocolate I love Hershey Chocolate,” said Trump.

The humor soon shifted to democrats and speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“They’re embarrassed by the impeachment, and our poll numbers have gone through the roof because of her student impeachment,” said Trump.

“There were no crimes, they’re impeaching me, and there are no crime. This has to be a first in history, they’re impeaching me you know why because they wanna win an election,” said Trump.

Trump was saying the articles of impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of congress are a hoax.

The President touting low unemployment numbers boosted military spending and the recent killing of a top ISIS leader.

“The bloodthirsty savage known as Al Baghdadi is now dead,” said Trump.

He also predictably, took shots at the media.

“Does anybody think the media is honest, does anybody think they’re totally corrupt and dishonest,” said Trump.

The President upset his bipartisan US Mexico Canada agreement, buried today after democrats made moves closer to impeachment.

“She did it on the same day that they announced they’re doing to impeach,” said Trump.

“The NAFTA disaster I call it, one of the worst trade deals in the history of any country,” said Trump.

A common theme America is winning again.

“Very importantly, in everything we do, we are putting America first, sorry,” said Trump.

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