(WTAJ) – Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) want you to remember that there are scams out there including one they’ve recently been made aware of across Pennsylvania using various bank and cash apps.

The most recent scam appears to involve Zelle, a service offered by many financial institutions through their mobile apps that will allow you to send money to customers of other banks.

In this scam, police say the fraudster sends a text message to you and claims to be from your bank’s fraud department and saying you had a suspicious payment through Zelle and asking you to verify it. Once you respond, the fraudsters will call and claim to be from the bank’s fraud department and ask for your username to “verify your identity.”

From there, the person on the phone will ask for additional information and inform you that you’ll receive a one-time code to your phone and an alert from Zelle and your bank. You’ll be asked to verify everything.

What is actually happening, is that the fraudster is walking you through a password reset that they’re doing. Once complete, they’re able to access your full account and take whatever money they want in a matter of minutes.

Law enforcement wants to remind you that no one from your financial institution’s fraud department is going to press you for your login information for your account(s). Usernames, passwords and one-time codes should not be shared with anyone.

Make sure you read text messages and emails closely. If they seem off, do not reply.

If someone calls and claims to be from your financial institution’s fraud department, you’re advised to just hang up and call the phone number you find on the official website or app of the bank/institution. They can connect you to the real fraud department to inquire if they actually did call you.

If you feel you’re being targeted by a scam, you’re advised to call and report it to your local police.

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