(WTAJ) — The Perseid Meteor Shower is on its way to Earth and we’ll tell you how and when to watch in Pennsylvania.

The Meteor shower can be seen this week here in Pennsylvania. The peak itself will happen between Wednesday, Aug. 11 through Friday, Aug. 13.

The Perseid Meteor shower happens every summer. This year it started on July 14th and will go until Aug. 24. You do not need a telescope or any equipment to view the meteor shower, just a dark wide-open space outdoors. Some great places for viewing would be at Raystown Lake, or Cherry Springs State Park.

The best time to view the Perseids will be from midnight until dawn each night. Give yourself about thirty minutes to allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness, and just look up and enjoy! During the peak nights, you should be able to see around sixty to seventy meteors per hour or more!

What are meteors? They come from space junk. Basically, they are leftover comet and asteroid pieces, and they leave a trail in space. Each year during Earth’s journey around the sun, we pass through these trails and debris. Some debris will then smash into our atmosphere and when it does, it breaks down creating colorful and bright flashes and streaks in the sky.

When we see the Perseids Meteor Shower in the summer, we are passing through debris from a comet that was discovered in 1865 called the Comet Swift-Tuttle. The name Perseids comes from where we can view them in the sky which is near the constellation Perseus.

This week here in Central Pennsylvania when the Perseid Meteor Shower is at its peak, we will have patchy clouds at night. This means at times there will be great viewing, and other times, not so great. Now this weekend, we should have a clearer sky Saturday night and Sunday night. It will be slightly past the peak dates, but you will still be able to enjoy seeing the meteors glide across the sky! If you happen to get a photo or video of them! Make sure to share with us!

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