Pennsylvania State Trooper to swim with Navy SEALs in NYC to benefit veterans

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(WHTM) — The US Navy SEALS will hold a swim meet in New York City to benefit an organization that raises money for veterans, and a local Pennsylvania State Trooper made the cut.

Trooper Clint Long is a Pennsylvania State Police Academy Recruiter and a really good swimmer. “I thought this was a great way to open our doors to the veterans when they come home from war or get out of the military,” Trooper Long said.

His idea, to get more troopers to join the ranks by taking part in the Navy SEAL Hudson River Swim Run to raise money for the GI GO fund.

First, he had to qualify. “We did 100 push-ups, had to do a mile swim in the ocean and then another 100 push-ups,” Long said. He made it, and a Navy SEAL veteran who supports the GI GO fund is grateful.

“I think that this is a beautiful thing that he is doing. I have a great amount of gratitude for the Pennsylvania State Police because as an Iraq veteran myself, I can tell you, coming home and being able to find a job as a veteran is better off than a veteran who does not have the ability to find a job,” Navy SEAL veteran William Brown Junior said.

On August 7, Long will take on the mission. “We’ll start on the New Jersey side, we will swim to the Statue of Liberty, we will do 100 push-ups and 22 pull-ups that represent the number of veteran suicides that take place every single day. We will swim from there to Ellis Island and perform 100 push-ups and 22 pull-ups and finish at the World Trade Center in New York City,” Long said.

“This is an excellent opportunity for him to showcase the Pennsylvania State Police because it’s all about community,” Lieutenant Richard Nesbitt said. More troopers are needed to beef up the ranks.

“We will also be recruiting up in New York City because we really need good people. What we want to do is reach out to everybody. All are welcome,” Lt. Nesbitt said.

Especially military veterans. “They are great individuals and they are very qualified for their backgrounds already and we want to provide for our veterans for all the sacrifices they have made for our country,” Long said.

If you are considering signing up for the Pennsylvania State Police, the starting salary is close to $65,000. The testing cycle just started on August 1. You can learn more through the link here. If you would like to support the GI GO fund you can visit their website here.

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