Pennsylvania man threatens to blow up CIA headquarters, pleads guilty

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WHITEHALL, Pa. (AP) (WTAJ) — A Pennsylvania man who threatened to blow up government buildings in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. has pleaded guilty to gun and explosives charges on Wednesday.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that 32-year-old Kurt Cofano was convicted on three of five counts brought against him by a grand jury. U.S. Attorney Stephen Kaufman said Cufano could face up to 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

The story:

On July 9, 2020, around 11:46 a.m., a concerned citizen called the Whitehall Police Department (WPD) about a possible bomb threat from a former friend – Cofano – who they claimed recently developed a methamphetamine addiction.

Cofano’s former friend forwarded videos, text messages and social media posts to WPD, according to the case documents.

“The Kurt you knew died a year ago,” Cofano said in the messages. “What remains is a demon you don’t want anything to do with.”

Cofano also encouraged his friends to “stay away unless you want to be detained in Guantanamo Bay and waterboarded by the CIA for information.”

The only thing I need to do is go out doing as much good as I can, and that’s going to be taking a stand against a corrupt government that controls the greatest army ever built in the history of humanity. I’m going to show the world that there was one m***** f***** left in this nation that still believed ‘in the land of the free and the home of the brave.’ It may be the last heroic act this pathetic nation ever witnesses.

Cofano stated in the messages forwarded to WPD

The messages continued, the documents note.

He said he was going to drive to Harrisburg to “kill everyone in the treasure department and get gunned down by the police” if his unemployment didn’t come in.

If his unemployment did come in, he said he would drive to D.C. to take out as many people at the CIA headquarters as he could before being “gunned down.”

Taking a look at the videos, the WPD reported they contained images of Cofano mixing what appeared to be chemicals into explosives as well as using a flame-thrower.

The WPD informed Pennsylvania State Police as well as the FBI. A warrant was then issued for Cofano’s arrest.

Cofano was taken into custody after a traffic stop at the 1100 block of Washington Road in the Mt. Lebanon suburb of Pittsburgh.

The investigators found guns in his car and chemicals to make homemade explosives.

Cofano will remain detained until his sentencing, which has not been scheduled yet.

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