HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) announced on Thursday, April 14 that troopers confiscated $23,160,277 worth of heroin, fentanyl, and other illicit drugs during the first three months of 2022.

According to a release from the PSP, $3.7 million of cocaine was seized. Troopers also confiscated 120 pounds of methamphetamines, 77 pounds of heroin and fentanyl, and more than 119,000 narcotic pills valued at $2.9 million.

Below is a chart that outlines all the drugs confiscated so far in 2022:

                         DrugTotal SeizedTotal Value of Amount Seized
Cocaine163.44 lbs.$3,595,680
Crack Cocaine4.78 lbs.$76,480
Heroin13 lbs.$442,000
Fentanyl64.2 lbs.$1,027,200
LSD348 doses$6,960
Marijuana THC – Liquid16.81 pints$112,627
Marijuana THC – Solid157 lbs.$785,000
Marijuana Plants162 plants$26,730
Processed Marijuana4,268.6 lbs.$12,805,800
Methamphetamines120.86 lbs.$1,208,600
MDMA – Ecstasy0.015 lbs.$50
MDMA – Pills83 pills$1,245
Other Narcotics44.64 lbs.$89,280
Other Narcotics (Pills)119,305 pills$2,982,625
 Total Value$23,160,277
Courtesy of Pennsylvania State Police

State police also have collected 899 pounds of prescriptions and other medications as part of its drug take-back program. There are 65 drug take-back boxes at state police stations throughout the state.

To see where prescription drug take-back boxes are around the Midstate, click here.