Pa. considering adding a tax to package delivery services

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(WTAJ) — Pennsylvania officials proposed instituting a 25 cent delivery tax on every package delivered in the state by either Amazon, FedEx, or UPS in order to aid in the maintenance of state highways.

“25 cents I mean we get a lot of packages delivered so our taxes are high enough,” Central Pa. resident Jessica Lankey said.

“We’re not approaching a transportation funding crisis in Pennsylvania we are in a transportation funding crisis in Pennsylvania,” Representative Lou Schmitt said.

Lou Schmitt says one of the reasons for the deficit is because $700 million dollars a year is being diverted from transportation funding to support the state police.

“We have to explore all options to come up with some sustainable streams of revenue in order to finance our ongoing transportation needs in our infrastructure needs here in Pennsylvania,” Schmitt said.

And while there are other ways the commonwealth is generating revenue Schmitt says they are fading fast.

“Our gas tax in Pennsylvania which is among the highest in the nation is less viable every year to the tune of about $100 million because of electric vehicles because of better gas mileage,” Schmitt said.

And if you do the math this tax could generate big numbers. If there were 500-million packages shipped each year that would effectually generate $125 million for Pa. roads.

The proposed plan within a PennDOT commission will be sent to the Governor later this summer.

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