INDIANA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — State police are on the lookout after over 210 gallons of diesel fuel was stolen from a local gas station.

On May 18 around 1:51 a.m., two tractor-trailers were seen pulling into the fuel pump area at Krevetski’s Convenience Store located on Route 56 Highway East in East Wheatfield Township, according to troopers. Both vehicles remained at the fuel pumps for several minutes before leaving and fleeing toward SR 22.

Troopers said the suspect(s) had tampered with the fuel pumps. An audit revealed 210 gallons of diesel fuel valued at $1,279 was stolen.

Each truck tractor had sleeper cabs. One is red and the other is blue, and they were both towing a white box trailer.

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Anyone with information is asked to reach out to state police in Indiana at 724-357-1960.